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Selecting a high school for your 8th grade student is an important decision. Some questions you may want to consider when choosing a high school for your student:

  • Does my student want to attend a public or private high school?

  • What is the cost involved?

  • Will my student need recommendations or assessments to enter high school?

  • How will my student's behavior/discipline record impact high school admission?

  • Does my family live out of district for the school we want?

  • What are my student’s post high school goals?

  • What is the teacher/student ratio in available courses?

  • What scholarship opportunities will be available to students as they prepare for college?

  • Are there extracurricular activities available to all students? 

  • What types of mental health support are available?

  • Will my student know their peers? 

  • How does the academic/social culture compare to what my student is comfortable with?

  • Are their groups available for students new to the school or district?

  • CDE High School Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

In October, 8th grade students visit Tomales High School to tour the school, meet staff, learn about curriculum and courses offered, and sign up for student groups and athletics. This is also a time for students to interact with high school students and see the culture of our district high school. Tomales High School is the only high school located in the Shoreline district.  In early spring, the Tomales High School Counselor visits the 8th grade class at both schools (West Marin and Tomales Elementary) and provides a course selection sheet for students. During this visit, students learn about appropriate and offered 9th grade courses. Course selection sheets are reviewed by the counselor and teachers before parent/guardian approval. Schedules are made prior to the start of school and are provided to students on the first day of 9th grade. 

Individual tours are available for students and their families. Please contact Tomales High School at 707-878-2286 to schedule an appointment. 

To learn about Tomales High School course selection and to find more academic resources, please visit their counseling page here: THS Counseling Page

Tomales High School Profile

Tomales High School Class of 2023 Statistics

Tomales High School Class of 2023 Statistics (Spanish)

For information regarding other high schools outside of the Shoreline district, please visit their websites.